Tricks and Treats

It’s that time of year again when everyone is playing tricks on each other. April Fools’ Day has to be one of the best holidays ever invented! I know a few tricks that I use year after year that always work. That’s why I have a reputation around the office. It’s fun for me to make people squirm!

I love to make those phony phone calls that are so familiar. Sometimes I put on the speaker phone so everyone can hear. We always have a good laugh at someone else’s expense.

For Some Fancy Foot Work

A nice foot swhitch like the fender princeton 112 plus just might be a good gift idea for the up and coming 29th birthday celebration for my kid brother. Turning twenty-nine has always been a big deal in our family, not sure why, but they always have been and I don’t see them ending any time soon!

My mother has been celebrating her 29th birthday for as long as I remember. LOL! Anyway, I have a few more months to come up with the perfect gift, I just don’t want to end up waiting until the last minute to scramble to find something that I feel good about buying for him.

I love a good combo

Fender Footswitch for Princeton 112 Plus Combo

One Dollar Coin Woes

The U.S. government has been producing one-dollar coins that are made from metal over the last several dozen years. The problem is that Americans don’t want them. Numerous studies show that Americans prefer the old paper dollar. The coins are just not catching on. I know that at our local Post Office, if you use the postage machine in the lobby that you will get dollar coins as part of your change. I don’t mind a bit, a dollar is a dollar is a dollar, as far as I’m concerned. This whole dollar coin ordeal is perplexing to some people.

Many experts agree that the dollar coins made of metal would save the taxpayers millions of dollars. The only problem is that taxpayers simply reuse to use the coins. Since no-one is using the coins, legislators have decided to eliminate the coins altogether. I think this is a good move as I have no interest in carrying around metal coins that pass for dollar bills.

And all in the news is about how we need to start saving our pennies, certain ones that were minted during certain dates are worth more than one cents. Some people are cashing in their pennies while some are hoarding them. I always save my pennies. I have a huge vase in my room that I have been tossing only my pennies in. I still have a lot of room left in that vase. I just don’t come across many pennies these days.

coins that are being used

Today’s Coins

Online Dating Happens

I’m not sure if I’d be brave enough to try the ever growing in popularity online dating sites that are available these days. We have all heard the horror stories of online dating, but who can’t share a horror story or two of dates gone bad that had nothing to do with our computers. Dating has it’s risks no matter who, what, where, when or why, simple (or complicated I might should say) as that!

I do have a friend at work that has begun looking at some dating personals at work lately. We all have computers at our work stations, and management is pretty flexible with us using them and the Internet from time to time, so it works out well for us all. I can’t imagine not having the Internet at my fingertips at work and at home as well. It has become my constant companion. Wow that sounds pretty weird, who would have thought?

Anyway we have all been surprised at the amount and the variety of these dating sites that we have started running across. There seems to be a category for just about every race, creed, religion, age, sexual preference, etc…… These sites have become very specialized so a good site to check out is, they help guide you to the best out there for your personal needs. A great online resource for online dating sites and offers.

you could find your love onlin

Dating Happens


An aunt of mine has been having a tough time with the lose of her son the past few years, and had started accumulating tons of stuff around her house. Our family had noticed she started buying all sorts of different things that she just did not need, but she purchased the items anyway. We all thought it was her way to cope with her sons passing, by filling her house up with new things to replace everything that reminded her of her son and all the lost memories of their lives together in the house.

One weekend my sister and I made a surprise visit to her house to keep her some company, and we couldn’t believe the way her house was. My Aunt let us in the door and to our surprise it was filled from the floor to the ceiling with junk, old food and things that she used to love, piled on top of one another. It was complete filth and we immediately asked her if she needed help clearing her house. She surprisingly said she needed help and found that she was going to be evicted from her home since she hadn’t been working and couldn’t keep up with the rent and bills.

I knew that when we came back to start clearing the house we needed gloves and masks. I had a ton of gloves at home we could use but had no masks that could protect ourselves from airborne particles or mold that might be lurking around the house. I took a look around on the net and came across a great deal on some n95 masks that I couldn’t turn my head from. I ordered a good deal of them and had them sent to my house so all the family and friends of my aunt could wear if they were going to help. When they arrived I made few phone calls and we all jumped on the project of clearing up her house.

After all the cleaning was done at the house, my sister handed my Aunt a check to pay for her missed bills and had told her that her rent was paid for the past couple of months and she could start over. My aunt was eternally grateful, and we are extremely happy that she can now live in a home that is clean enough for anyone to live in and have a fresh start.