Squeaky Clean

Since it has been raining all day, I decided that I would get some cleaning done around the house. I started upstairs and am working my way down. I vacuumed all the carpets and dusted the shelves. Of course the washer and dryer have been in use all day as well. I changed the sheets on everyone’s bed and did the bathrooms as well.

When I got downstairs I started with the kitchen. I wiped down the counters and did the floor. All the dishes are done and the microwave received a good scrubbing out. I’m almost done now and am glad it’s over. I think I’ll take a well deserved rest and watch some TV with my feet up!

putting my feet up

Kicking Back In Front of The Boob Tube!


Buying a TV Stand

Whether you’re enjoying an evening with the family or having guests over for the afternoon, you’ll probably wind up in front of the television at one point or another. You may not necessarily be watching TV, but the TV and its stand will be in your direct line of vision.

This can occur regularly, so if the TV stands in your home need to be replaced, chances are that you and your guests will notice that sooner than later.

  • Consider its uses. Before you buy a TV stand, consider what it will be used for. Will you be storing movies, dvd players and other television related items? Will the television be the only item on the stand? This can help you decide how large it needs to be.
  • Gauge the cleaning process. Looking at the material of an item can help you gauge how easy it will be to clean. If the TV stand is something that your kids clean, you may want to consider avoiding materials that require special attention.
  • Get the measurements. Don’t buy a television stand on a whim. Not only can they be very heavy, but finagling one into your home, only to find out it doesn’t fit, can be a lot of unnecessary work. Get the right measurements so that when you find one you like, you can leave with it the same day.

A TV stand may seem like an insignificant purchase, but because it will be seen so often by others, you want to buy something that is going to improve the appearance of your home.

My Cell Phone

One of the things that is near and dear to my heart is the cell phone. Now that I have one, I cannot imagine life without it. Everywhere I go I am able to connect with the outside world, as long as my battery holds out that is. I have many uses for my phone. I use it for work and for my personal life. I can stay in touch with almost anyone.

When I was little, we were limited to how far a cord could reach. No matter how I tried, I could not get to the refrigerator with out setting down the phone. Now, I can not only reach the fridge, I can even go upstairs or for a ride in the car. I’m glad they were able to invent such a useful product. I hope that the kids will appreciate the good thing they have.

Tea Can Be Healthy

The tea plant’s scientific name is Camellia sinensis. It has certain properties that have become known to many over the ages. The plant can be very beneficial to those with certain cancers. Tea can actually help slow the spread and growth of cancers such as skin, liver, and stomach cancer. It has other helpful qualities as well.

Many believe that tea is good for the teeth. It can kill bacteria’s and increases the acid resistance of enamel. It also contains fluoride that keeps teeth healthy. Tea is also able to help Alzheimer’s disease victims as well as those with poor skin. I am glad that Mother Nature has provided us with this wonderful plant!


A Spot of Tea

Gift Ideas for My Kid Sister

Took some time to look at a nice rose tool on musicians friend’s website today to see what kind of gift ideas I can come up with for my kid sister’s up and coming birthday on October 15th. It’s getting harder and harder to find presents for people these days considering how hard up we are all for money and the prices for everything keeps going up and up. But the Internet makes it easier to find good deals if you take the time to do the research and I’ve got more time these days then money.

rose tool for guitar

“The Key” Floyd Rose Intonation Tool

Wake Up!!

One thing I really enjoy is having my morning coffee. I have a coffee maker that has a timer on it and I set it up each night. There is nothing better than waking up and having my coffee ready. The wonderful smell is so inviting and makes me want to get out of bed! That first sip is wonderful!

My daughter enjoys coffee as well. That is a little surprising as she is still so young. I think it’s great that she enjoys it as much as I do. Lately, I have been drinking the Dunkin Doughnuts coffee. They make a pretty good brand and I like it a lot. I guess I’ll always be a coffee junkie!

first cup of coffee of the day

My Morning Coffee!