The Morning(s) After

Well technically it is two mornings after. The company Mother’s Day party was Saturday night, and some of us partied pretty hard. We had lots of wine and beer throughout the evening, and after the dinner some of us went downtown to find a karaoke bar and party a little longer.

I don’t know about the rest of the crew, but I spent most of the day Sunday in bed nursing a huge hangover! It was a lot of fun and I didn’t mind paying the price with a headache for a day.

Today’s Notes

I was chatting with someone online and he wanted me to write down his phone number so I could call him later and follow up. Its funny – he is old school and I guess that I am, too. He said, “Get a pencil to write this down” and I didn’t flinch – I started hunting for a pencil. What a dummy! All I had to do was type the number into Notepad and I didn’t need a pencil. LOL

no writing needed here

Today’s Version of A NoteBook

Cohiba Cigars

This year Fathers Day falls on June 21st, which is pretty late in the month, of course it is on a Sunday as it always has done and I have all ready figuredĀ  out what I am getting my Dad. He has always smoked either a pipe or a cigar since I can remember and I know he enjoys a good Cohiba cigar on occasion.

Found a great website that has a ton of discount cigars which I want to go ahead and take advantage on their current sales/promotions before they disappear over night. So as soon as my paycheck this Friday is deposited into my bank account I’m placing my order and will place another check mark by my long list of chores to do. Am struggling with a Mother’s Day gift, which comes before Father’s Day but buying for our mother is getting harder and harder to do with each passing year.

Cohiba Cigar Banner

Cohiba Cigars

Entirely Pets

Poor Pita Dog, my sister and hubby dressed him up as a lobster this year and according to the picture that they sent of him, he doesn’t look all that thrilled about the whole deal. It’s a great idea really considering that they are living in the great state of Maine that is of course known for their delicious lobsters. To be honest I didn’t think many people celebrated Halloween up there being as cold as it always is up there this time of the year!

EntirelyPets has some pretty cool canine costumes that can be used any time of the year not just Halloween.

a dog dressed as a lobster

The Casual Canine Lobster Costume

Decisions, Decisions….

While looking around and doing the research that led me to the tenor guitar that I ordered online a few days ago, I ran across a really great looking g&l bass guitar that I have a almost brand new bt1 for it at Musician’s Friend which has me wondering if I made the right decision with my recent online purchase. This is so like me, I am a Libra and I tend to have a hard time making a decision, I would make a horrible judge.

I wish the postal service would hurry up and deliver the package all ready.

musicial scales

Libra and Her Many Scales