Real Lowfat Kefir By Lifeway

As I get older I am finding myself thinking about the things that I eat and how my body reacts to certain things that only I am responsible for putting in my mouth and then released into my entire system. One of my favorite TV shows as of late has been Dr. Oz.. The way that he presents his case on all the various medical or medical related subjects just makes it all much easier to relate to and understand just what the heck he (along with all of his “special guests” that are generally specialists) are talking about. He uses the greatest props to help people, like me, that are very visual and need to see, not just read or be read to and expect to understand and to retain. I really wish that I was capable of retaining so much more than I do and the older we get the worse it is to try to retain anything!

A few months ago I saw where he was talking about stomach problems which is something that a good majority of the population has to deal with at some point in their life. I all ready knew that yogurt is good for the stomach and digestive system and have been eating more and more yogurt and yogurt related products for the past couple of years. Loplait is my favorite brand and it can usually be found on the shelves with other dairy items which is comforting to know that something that I really like and is really good for me is easily accessible. Not something that generally happens with me and mine.

Lifeway Kefir

Lifeway Low-Fat Kefir Cultured Milk Smoothie

I just discovered Kefir which is a low-fat cultured milk smoothie that is packed with good healthy things and has 10 live and active kefir cultures. It comes in a boatload of flavors but it isn’t an easy product to find at Food Lion, which is where I generally do my grocery shopping at. I had found that Safeway usually has them and a good variety of flavors instead of Food Lion’s basic 2 flavor selections. I bought one of each flavor last week, I think there were 8 total. The experiation dates are good until late March which I thought was giving us a generous amount of time to drink and enjoy although they don’t last long in the refrigerator in this house.

Retire With Ease

One fact that I thought was interesting was that there are more than 10 million millionaires in the U.S. I never dreamed that there were so many of them around. While I will probably never attain that much money, it’s nice to think about.

Many of these people are heavily invested in the stock market. Despite the fact that it goes up and down seemingly without reason, people are still making money. The key seems to be leaving the money in and not taking it out every time the market goes down. I hope this is a lesson to those who have investments.

cash money

Millions and Millions


Submersible Pumps

So far the best site for industrial pumps that I have found today offers free shipping and estimates that the sump pump that I want and need will be arriving in time for me to get it installed by the weekend. We are supposed to have a lot of rain and snow in the next couple of weeks and the last thing I need is my basement flooded, again. Last time that happened it took me three days to recuperate from the whole ordeal and I don’t have that time and energy anymore.

This time I am buying an industrial sump pump. I figure the extra money it takes to buy this pump will be worth every single penny if I don’t ever have to deal with a flooded basement again.


Sump Pump

An Embarrassing Moment!

Every once in a while I do something that’s a little bit embarrassing, the other day I went to work and everything was as usual. I went outside on my lunch break as I often do and sat in my truck to read. It was nice and warm in there, I was soon relaxed.

The next thing I knew, Susan was knocking on my window. She asked if I was going to return to work or sit out here and sleep the day away. I was so embarrassed about the whole thing and had to walk back into work to the cheers and jeers of my co-workers. I guess I’ll have to wait until someone else does something dumb so the heat will be off of me!

It has been a long hard week at work and at home. I’m so glad that it is Friday. Tomorrow will be pretty hectic but come Sunday I’m planning on sleeping in as late as possible and just hang around the house doing little odds and ends that require little or no effort. And then it’s all down hill from there unfortunately, I can’t wait for warmer weather, sigh….

Modern Couples

Leave it to this couple to put a new take on the wedding processional. Who said white folks can’t dance, mind you I’ve seen better dancing, but you gotta love the fact that these people took the time and effort to pull this off and there wasn’t a single soul in that church that wasn’t enjoying life during that 4 minute production! This one is now added to my Favorites List, hope you watch it and enjoy just as much, maybe even play it forward…….