A View from Above

One of the coolest sites I’ve found on the internet is the free Google Earth download. It uses satellite images and you can see almost anywhere on earth. I really enjoy being able to check out distant places with out leaving my house. You can go to Rome for instance and check out how it looks. I really like the street level feature where you can turn the camera around for a 360 degree view.

I found the system very useful as well. I checked out my own neighborhood to gain a perspective of where things are near my house. This gave me the ability to plan out my bike rides and to take advantage of shortcuts I’ve found! I think everyone should check out this awesome site!

Safety Carpet Cutters

When my neighbor said he was going to bring his carpet cutters over with him to help me cut out and remove the carpet in the den that got wet and is now ruined with mold, I thought he would be bringing his “box cutters” with him. Boy was I surprised to see what he pulled out of his tool bag, now these are what I call Carpet Cutters.

safety cutting for carpets

Safety Carpet Cutters

He let me use them (a lot of guys won’t let a girl even touch their tools, much less use them) and I was so impressed on how much easier the whole task turned out to be. I just had to press the Cutter down and pull it along and badda boom, badda bing, job done. I’m so blessed to have good neighbors. The last place I lived was a nightmare. Bad neighbors can make your whole life miserable.

My Son!!!

You’re never really ready for when it finally happens. My son was caught skipping school today. It turns out that he had spent the day over at some girl’s house playing video games. The worst part is that I dropped him off at the bus stop myself!

I gave him the what for and put him on restriction. He will have to serve detention at the school as well. I guess that will be punishment enough. I was sort of proud of the boy and remembered that I had done the same when I was young! I was also glad to find that he was with a girl!! Boys grow up!

My Cactus Plant

About five years ago, my Mom gave me a small Cactus plant. She did not want it and so she thought I might like to have it. I took the plant and put it in my living room bay window. Since then, it has grown to a height of almost five feet. I really like the plant because if I forget to water it, it doesn’t die right away. I really think that having the Carmel Water Softener installed last year has helped it keep healthy as well. I know that I am benefiting from having decent drinking water in so many ways. I was getting really tired of buying bottled water and of course I always made sure I put the bottles in the recycling bin outside.

I am thinking that I may have to clip the plant soon. It is getting very close to the ceiling and I don’t know what it would do then. I don’t want to kill the plant by accident so I am looking for a way to clip it without harm. All in all, I am really happy about the plant and am glad I seem to have a green thumb! At least it isn’t as tall as this giant cactus!

Tall Cactus Plant

Cactus Plant

I Welcome The Smell of A Good Cigar

There is something about the smell of a nice cigar on a nice sunny day, with a slight breeze that just brings to mind a flurry of memories of my grandfather. Today was such a day. During lunch I decided to eat outside at one of the picnic tables that our company has put out back for the employees to eat, drink or smoke at and since it wasn’t an extremely hot and humid day I decided to take advantage of a nice day.

I’m not sure where the cigar smoke came from. No one in my building smokes anything or at least they don’t smoke at work. There is another parking lot behind the back fence that I’m assuming someone was utilizing while smoking a cigar and the wind was picking it up and sending it my way. A lot of people can’t stand the smell of any type of tobacco, especially while they are eating, but a nice cigar is welcomed around me at any time, any where.

The Morning(s) After

Well technically it is two mornings after. The company Mother’s Day party was Saturday night, and some of us partied pretty hard. We had lots of wine and beer throughout the evening, and after the dinner some of us went downtown to find a karaoke bar and party a little longer.

I don’t know about the rest of the crew, but I spent most of the day Sunday in bed nursing a huge hangover! It was a lot of fun and I didn’t mind paying the price with a headache for a day.