Aches and Pains

Who would have thought that I would be so sore after taking just one of the Pole Dancing Classes that I signed up for last week. I thought that I was in pretty good shape considering I watch what I eat and do Aerobics on a regular basis. But the morning after I took my first pole dance lesson I had a hard time moving around for the first couple of hours of the day!

I found a good deal on dance lessons Houston that I just couldn’t pass up. I tried to get a couple of different friends to join me but for one reason or another they wouldn’t or couldn’t and my sister just laughed at me, which hurt my feelings. So I decided to just go for it on my own and I really enjoyed it. I’m guessing it will take a few lessons until the muscles that haven’t been used in such a long time that are used in pole dancing and I should be good to go. Or at least that is the plan.

learning to dance using a pole

Pole Dancing Class

Musical Memories

I wonder how many families in America actually celebrate the Fourth of July with a picnic and fireworks? That’s been the tradition in my home as far back as I can remember. My folks used to take us to the community park for a full day of family activities, with a parade, pie eating contest, arcade games and concerts on an outdoor stage – followed by a half hour show of fireworks as it got dark. Of course, my granddad often performed on stage with the local bands on their request. I was always so proud of him to see him take the stage and play the piano and sing along with whatever music they chose to play. He could wing it if he had never heard the tune before and he was always happiest playing the piano.

Shakey’s used to have pizza parlors all over the country. Where I lived in the Washington DC area there were a couple dozen, back in the 60’s – 80’s. Sometime in the late 1980’s they started closing their restaurants. I don’t know why. They were really popular with families because they had a great variety of pizzas on a buffet and everyone could eat as much as they wanted of their favorite toppings. Plus they had great music entertainment at night, with rag time or Dixie bands playing songs that everyone knew and could sing along.

Sometimes my grandfather would play there as a last-minute fill in for some one when they were in need. Entire baseball and softball teams would come in to their closest Shakey’s after a game and eat pizza, drink beer or soda and have a lot of fun. We had our baseball team party at Shakey’s every year. There’s nothing like them around here anymore. Miss them and the great family entertainment.

I’m so grateful my kids are both musical. I have been looking at various piano buyers guide websites that I know provide good quality information. If I’m going to dish out some of my hard earned money to buy them any type of musical instrument I’ll want to know all about the products as I can. Have I mentioned how much I love the Internet for tasks like this? LOL!

Happy Fourth of July!!!

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. I like to pack up the kids and go to the local fireworks display. I love the smell of fireworks going off and seeing them explode in the air. I like the colors and patterns they make and the big noises as well. It’s always a good time to spend time with the kids and I like to watch them get excited about the show.

The weather seems to be holding out so I am hoping the display won’t be cancelled like it was last year. I was very disappointed with that. Anyway, I think we’ll have a great time and I hope everyone else will too!

safe and sound

Happy 4th of July

Pony Treasure

It was interesting reading about how the National Postal Museum is now displaying a treasure from long ago. It’s an envelope that was found in a saddlebag that was carried by a Pony Express rider. The riders name is unknown and the bag spent two years in the desert before being recovered and its contents delivered.

The envelope is owned by William H. Gross. He donated enough funds to have a 12,000 square foot gallery built at the museum. The envelope is the centerpiece of the new display. It is Pony Express history at its best and is a rare piece of Americana.

I bank at Wells Fargo, so every time I see my bank I am reminded that the Pony Express was an important piece of history, since their logo is a stage couch and I have always been fascinated with the Pony Express. One day I would really love to visit this museum and find out even more about the Pony Express.

pony express

The Pony Express


Band Aids

One thing that happens to me all the time is that I need band aids. I am always cutting myself at work. We work with many things that I always seem to be cutting myself with. It’s nothing serious, but I do need medical attention from time to time.

That’s why I always make it a point to have some band aids on hand. I use them all the time and am glad to do so. Everyone should have a first aid kit on hand and ready for emergency use. When I’m shopping and see band aids on sale, I try to pick up a couple of boxes if they are a bargain. I keep a box at work, a box in my car, and at least one box in the hall closet at home so that I never run out.

Much Needed Band Aids

For All Of Life’s Little Disasters

Different Attitudes and Emotions Come With Age

The older I get, the more conservative I seem to be. There are very definitely different attitudes and emotions associated with youth, aging, and elderly. The young are all about trying new things, embracing change, always in a hurry. the older are more comfortable with thinking things through, taking less risk, and slowing down. I’m not sure of these changing attitudes are a result of necessary life lessons, or if our society just has things tracked and stacked that way. In my experience,

I still like to try new things and I still think change is good. But I like things less impulsive and more planned.

For some reason that I’ve just lately realized, a life that is based on a successful business model makes the most sense to me. Of course, finding that successful business model can be a challenge in itself. Look at all the high-profile companies that are struggling now – how do we decide which business is long-term successful and which ones will tumble and fall when the economy quivers? I don’t consider the stock market a good measure of that type of success. With more probing and critical eyes on Wall Street, I think we will find a lot more of the Bernie type of things has been going on for a long time.