One of the biggest threats to people’s health today is smoking. I know that you have heard it a thousand times before, but it’s time to say it once again. If you smoke, my advice is to try and quit as soon as possible. If you spend any time watching TV you have to have noticed that they are beefing up, big time, the  anti-smoking commercials in a major effort to keep our population from repeating the mistakes that the previous population got us into. Being addicted to cigarettes

When I was a kid there were plenty of cigarette commercials played at night time, over the air. Of course anyone that remembers those costly ads will remember seeing the Marlborough Man commercial with his good looking self along with his horse, lighting up a Marlborough cigarette. They decided that way too many people were taking this all a bit too seriously and decided to either start smoking and/or switch to the ever growing “cool” crowd of Marlborough smokers that was and still is being an extremely lucrative multi-billion dollar corporation, Philip Morris!

dies of lung cancer

Philip Morris Gives Us The Marlborough Man

There are many programs out there that can help you to quit. There are new items coming out everyday such as electronic cigarettes, nicotine gums, and patches to help you reach your goal. It isn’t such a shock to see anyone out and about with one of the many artificial tobacco sticks in their hands in some of the more serious locations that have never been tobacco friendly.

I ask for everyone in your family and for those who love you to try again to quit for good. Go online, see what’s out there. Educate yourself and then share that knowledge with some one you care about or you can even pass it along to a complete stranger. I know that I’m not the only one that doesn’t know the difference between regulated box mods and unregulated box mods. Am I right here folks? A bit silly but I admit to that right off!

zombie green

HexOhm V2.1 110 Watt Box Mod by Craving Vapor (Authentic)  Zombie Green

Sei Ottavi

It amazes me how many people I have re connected with due to Facebook. For the most part, it’s all good, but there are a few people that I could have lived without ever seeing or hearing from, mainly from back in high school. They were jerks back then and I really want nothing to do with them, but it is interesting to see their Walls and read what they are up to and what they have to say these days.

I have made a new friend with a guy from high school that has been living in Italy for many years and he likes to turn me on to various music videos that he finds on I love all types of music and really enjoy listening to music that I normally wouldn’t listen to. Today he sent me this awesome song/video and I am so thrilled with it and wanted to post it here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Seeds of Life

Locked away deep inside a very secure vault is the hope of mankind. I’m talking about the “Doomsday” seed vault in Norway. The vault is in a remote area of Svalbard archipelago. The vault contains over ½ million seeds collected from around the world. It is the largest and most diverse collection in the world.

The intent of the collection is to safeguard the seeds in the case of wars, natural disasters, or other destructive events. It can provide the world with new seeds in the event the supply is lost. There are other seed banks around the world, but we have seen that some of them have been destroyed. I’m glad to know that we are looking toward the future with an eye to prevention.

seed vault

Doomsday Seed Vault Norway

One Dollar Coin Woes

The U.S. government has been producing one-dollar coins that are made from metal over the last several dozen years. The problem is that Americans don’t want them. Numerous studies show that Americans prefer the old paper dollar. The coins are just not catching on. I know that at our local Post Office, if you use the postage machine in the lobby that you will get dollar coins as part of your change. I don’t mind a bit, a dollar is a dollar is a dollar, as far as I’m concerned. This whole dollar coin ordeal is perplexing to some people.

Many experts agree that the dollar coins made of metal would save the taxpayers millions of dollars. The only problem is that taxpayers simply reuse to use the coins. Since no-one is using the coins, legislators have decided to eliminate the coins altogether. I think this is a good move as I have no interest in carrying around metal coins that pass for dollar bills.

And all in the news is about how we need to start saving our pennies, certain ones that were minted during certain dates are worth more than one cents. Some people are cashing in their pennies while some are hoarding them. I always save my pennies. I have a huge vase in my room that I have been tossing only my pennies in. I still have a lot of room left in that vase. I just don’t come across many pennies these days.

coins that are being used

Today’s Coins

Traffic Woes

One thing I don’t like about the area where I live is the fact that they have installed traffic cameras at stoplights. I was unpleasantly surprised the other day when I received a ticket in the mail for supposedly running a red light. I am a good driver and know I would never run a light.

I think their cameras are not working properly. While I may have gone through a light that was yellow, I have never run a red light in my life. If you happen to come our way in the future, be careful while driving!!

traffic signal

Today’s Technology

Youth Really Is Wasted On The Young

It has been over 5 years now since my youngest sister worked as a commercial real estate lawyer and I know that she really misses the career that she worked so hard at for so long. She made some pretty darned good money there for a while and made a boat load of connections that she has been trying so hard to keep and maintain ever since leaving North Carolina back in 2007 for reasons that I won’t go into right here and now.

I guess the reason I felt compelled to write about this is that the summer holidays are getting closer and closer and I tend to get all mushy and sentimental thinking about my family and all the things that we have all each had to go through in our lives. None of us could have ever imagined how things have worked out back when we were all kids, living at home, going to school and living the life that we had no idea how good it really was. My mother used to say that it is too bad that youth is wasted on the young and every year around this time I look back and see how very true that old saying is.